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Que isso fera! haha!

Essa cena do sol foi épica! Muito boa a ideia! Só achei que as pictures ficaram meio esquisitas na hora de aparecer. Mas ficou bem maneiro!

E o plot twist do final também foi muito bom! A música encaixou perfeitamente. Parabéns cara! 

Boa sorte no "contest"! ^^

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Caramba, Eliiiii. Muito obrigado. Vou participar mais desses daqui, são bem criativo. Quem sabe agora Super Coffee ganha kkkkk

hahahhaha vai sim pow!! Vocês são magos nos eventos do maker!! :D


I agree with Soulrender. That sun scene is great. I like how the dark tone of the cutscene is doubly established visually via the trekking party silhouettes! XD

Also like how the swaying grass added to the mood in the hill scene.  Are those custom made?


Hello. Thanks for the comment.

The grass is the grass tile transformed in TileA autotile. I just copied and pasted them wih one mirrored section.


Wow, that's really creative and smart! I had thought of something like that before, but I assumed I'd just have to draw all the transition frames manually. What you just described blew my mind! XD 


That walk in the setting sun I guess, is pure gold. Moreover this cinematic of yours have great potential for solid RPG game.


Thank you, I really appreciate you comment. :D